Air Quality Reports

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You can find out more about Brent’s air quality reviews, status reports and previous action plans in this reports section.  You can also find Maps showing predicted and assessed levels of pollutants and their trends in Brent.

Air quality action plan

List of actions from the air quality action plan 2017 

Brent’s Air Quality Action Plan outlines the work Brent Council has done in the past and what it plans to do in the future to improve the air quality within its area. Below is the list of the 20 actions that are being or are planned to be undertaken by Brent to try and tackle poor air quality:

Cleaner transport

Action 1: Accelerate uptake of new low emission vehicles in borough fleet

Action 2: Tackle unnecessary idling by taxis, coaches and other vehicles

Action 3: Encourage Car Clubs to use low emission and alternative fuel vehicles in their fleet

Action 4: Support the installation of on-street electric vehicle charge points throughout Brent

Action 5: Support the take-up of electric taxis and commercial vehicles

Public health and community engagement

Action 6: Engage with Local Business to reduce local air pollution

Action 7: Promote air quality ‘action days

Action 8: Ensure schools join the school travel planning programme

Exposure reduction measures

Action 9: Identify and develop Low Emission Neighbourhoods where feasible

Action 10: Targeted upgrade of green infrastructure

Action 11: Promote air pollution forecasting and route planner tools

Action 12: Reduce construction emissions

Action 13: Limit impact of new development using planning controls

Action 14: Enforce Combined Heat and Power and biomass air quality policies

Action 15: Promote and enforce Smoke Control Zones

Action 16: Reduce emissions from the burning of waste or from waste facilities

Action 17: Promote energy efficiency retrofitting projects in workplaces and homes

Action 18: Improve energy efficiency in council buildings

Delivery servicing and freight

Action 19: Update our procurement policies

Action 20: Investigate options for less polluting deliveries 


Air quality status report

This is a statutory document which is reported to the GLA each year where the council are required to use a specific format. Please contact us for an accessible version of these reports.

Air quality review and assessment