Brent BARK


Our animal welfare service collaborates with other organisations to improve animal welfare around Brent.

Our key collaboration is BARK (Brent Action for Responsible K9s), a forum established in 2007 in order to tackle the issues surrounding the irresponsible use and mistreatment of dogs.

Brent BARK was the first collaborative project of its kind and now several other London boroughs have followed suit and recognised the successes to be gained by working together and sharing information.

The forum ensures that, whatever the issue, there is the combined experience and knowledge of several agencies to deal successfully with many animal welfare issues.

Brent BARK consists of:

  • Brent Council
  • Brent Housing Partnership
  • The Mayhew Animal Home
  • Metropolitan Police Service
  • The RSPCA

The forum meets on a monthly basis and undertakes regular patrols of the borough, visiting addresses and known problem areas where there have been concerns about a dog's welfare or issues of irresponsible dog ownership where we can:

  • protect and reassure the community by reducing the criminal and irresponsible activities involving dogs, with the appropriate use of legislation
  • educate the community on dog welfare and the implications of irresponsible dog ownership
  • reduce levels of anti-social behaviour linked with the misuse of dogs
  • reduce the incidents where dogs are mistreated.

Often on these patrols, and at BARK community events, our officers are able to chat with many dog owners and community representatives, providing them with the opportunity to make use of the project's services to ensure responsible pet ownership.