Download the Brent Noise App

Brent Noise App – it’s in your hands!

Having trouble with noisy neighbours? Brent Council has a tool to help residents report noise. Using the free Noise App is the easiest way to gather evidence of nuisance noise.

Anyone with access to a mobile phone or tablet will be able to send noise recordings of problem noise affecting them to us for review.  The free Noise App provides an easy way for you to gather more information of nuisance noise when we cannot get to you.

Why the Noise App?

We accept that residents will sometimes want to report noise problems to the council outside our service hours or at times when we are not able to visit to assess the problem. At the moment residents can report nuisance directly to the council but only during our service hours and cannot provide evidence of a noise problem in a way we can use to take further action. Residents will often provide noise recordings but differences in how this is done mean that they are usually of little or no use in allowing the council to take action.

The Noise App provides another way of reporting noise issues affecting you directly, even when the council cannot get to you to make an assessment.

How will the App work?

The Noise App is easy to use. Once you have downloaded the App and registered you will be able to record details of the problem and send them straight to the council for review. We will receive a recording and any extra details about the noise you provide in one go – which should provide all the information we need to decide what to do next. The recordings can be used to determine the scale of a problem and may be used as evidence in cases where noise is excessively disruptive. If we decide the noise is a problem and is unreasonable we will be able to use this extra information to take action.

Residents who do not own a smart phone or tablet can still report noise nuisance during our service hours by telephone or online reporting form can be used to log noise problems with the council at any time.  

For more information about The Noise App and to download the app, visit the Noise App website.