Pest control

Brent pest control services are now fully open

If you have a pest problem in your home or business property, we can now provide a full internal and external service.

What we will do to protect you and our staff

We will adhere to strict health and safety measures when we enter your property and throughout the visit:

  • Our officers will wear face masks, gloves, coveralls and shoe covers whilst inside your premises
  • They will also keep two metres away from everyone in the property while they carry out their work
  • At the end of their visit they will disinfect all the areas that they have come into contact with

What you must do

  • You must ensure that all the doors in the property are open before our pest control officer enters it
  • During the visit, we ask that you and anyone else at the property stick to the social distancing guidelines and keep two metres away from our pest control officer while they carry out the necessary work
  • If you fail to observe the social distancing guidelines then our officer will have to leave your property and will not complete the work

Dealing with pests if you are shielding or self-isolating

If you are shielding or self-isolating because you or a member of your household has Covid-19 symptoms, you can still order one of our special pest control packs. We will deliver the pack to your property and provide instructions on how to use. These packs cost £60 and are for the treatment of mice, rats and ants only but they will help you control the pest until a time when our team are able to re-enter your property.

For more information on how we can help you with internal infestations, please check the specific property type below. 

Please note: Council tenants must contact Brent Housing Management on 020 8937 2400 if they have an infestation of mice, rats or cockroaches.


Book a treatment

Call 020 8937 5167 to arrange your commercial/business or home treatment and to discuss any pest issues you may have.

Alternatively, book your home treatment online: 

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What our customers say

"First time using Brent Council services for mice issue... helpful and professional... first class service and value for money. Received reminders and staff were superb. Greatly exceeded my expectations, highly recommended, thank you!" 

Jonathan Cook


Pests we treat

Find more information about identifying the pest and the treatment we offer

Rodent pests - Rats, mice and squirrels
Crawling pests - Ants, bedbugs, beetles, cockroaches and fleas
Flying pests - Moths and wasps