Trees, hedges and grass

Grass Verge Cutting

We are responsible for maintaining grass verges on the public highway, including on roundabouts, compounds, central reserves and roadside verges, to ensure that people can use roads and pavements safely.

We do not cut grass that is privately owned or on properties or estates owned by groups other than us.

Please see our current schedules for cutting grass verges across the borough:

Verges will be cut six times a year, with grass being allowed to grow to an average uniform height of 300mm. This excludes weeds and isolated patches of grass which may be higher than 300mm. We will make sure that all grass clippings that fall outside the grassed area are removed immediately after cutting (grass clippings will lie where they fall on grass areas).

Grass grows quickly in spring, so Neighbourhood Management have put in place an extra grass cutting team. This team will be in place from 26 April to 16 July to help us cut more grass quickly and with maximum impact.

The team(s) must be kept to the schedule on the designated streets. Any decision to move them elsewhere must be a last resort. If they are moved elsewhere, it will leave them behind on the whole schedule.

Report overgrown areas

Request grass cutting

You can also request grass cutting via our Cleaner Brent app.

Once you have reported your inquiry we will arrange for the grass verges to be cut, if necessary, within ten working days of your report.

At present, no repairs to grass verges are being carried out.