Trees, hedges and grass

Complaints about trees and hedges on private property blocking public access

Homeowners are responsible for the maintenance of any tree or hedge near a public highway and we will carry out pro-active inspections and inform the owners of any hazardous overhanging foliage.

You can report dangerous overhanging foliage by using our Cleaner Brent app, or by contacting us online

We will give notice to owners seeking their co-operation in trimming back vegetation. After the expiry of the notice, we will arrange for the works to be done and recover the cost from owners.

Enquiries about trees in private gardens

Our principal tree officer Lawrence Usherwood is able to provide advice on trees situated in privately owned gardens as well as providing information regarding trees protected by Tree Preservation Orders and within conservation areas.

To speak to Lawrence Usherwood call 020 8937 5210 and choose option 3.