Slash sugar media downloads

We have designed this useful toolkit to help partners promote their own Slash sugar campaign.

How to use the toolkit

The toolkit includes web banners, page images and thumbnails, encouraging people to take part in #sugarfreetuesday or warning of the high sugar content risks in everyday items.

Web banners can be used to catch the attention of visitors to your website and are best placed at the top of the page. View our homepage to see our own examples.

Thumbnails are just small versions of page images, and are used alongside headlines of articles. The article will usually have the corresponding page image, but larger, near the top of the piece.

The images below are free to download and use on your website to support our Slash Sugar campaign. Right click on the image you want and select "Save As".

Social media

We would love for you to take part in our campaign on social media too. Please tweet a picture of your sugar-free alternative, your ‘sugar swap’ to @Brent_Council using the #sugarfreetuesday. Tweet ideas for sugar swaps, photos, recipes or anything inspiring.  Please use the following hashtags: #sugarfreetuesday and #slashsugar

Web banners

Page images