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Did you know that smoking rots your body from the inside out? 

Every 15 cigarettes you smoke will cause a mutation that can lead to cancer, so there's no better reason for quitting than your own health.

There is plenty of support to help you quit smoking. Giving up is the biggest single thing you can do to improve your health and it can, quite literally, add years onto how long you live.

People who've given up say they are happier, healthier and wealthier. The average former smoker can save enough money in a year to pay for a new kitchen or a family holiday.

We offer up to 12-weeks of free support for would-be quitters, which includes regular clinics and free or affordable medication.

You will normally be offered weekly one-to-one appointments with an advisor, but we also offer group, drop-in services and telephone support as well. Depending on where you live, the venue could be a local GP surgery, pharmacy or community clinic.

For further information and support to quit, please contact the Brent Stop Smoking Service on 020 8937 5490 or email


Things to read