About Housing Management


Brent Council's services for tenant and leaseholders are regulated by the Homes and Communities Agency which sets out the framework outlining the standards required from all social housing operators. 

Our performance indicators and targets are based on best practice among our industry peers and local performance monitoring.

Housing management annual report 2019-2020

Download the Brent Housing Management 2019-2020 annual reportr check below to see what Brent Housing Management achieved last year to improve your home, neighbourhood and customer experience.


  • 83% of residents were satisfied with the repairs service
  • £1M invested in adaptations to make homes accessible
  • Estate cleaning now back in house and improving
  • 53,875 calls answered through our contact centre
  • 108 engagement events and opportunities

Our response to COVID-19

  • 204 additional households helped who had fallen into arrears
  • 100% maintained a full estate caretaking cleaning service throughout lockdown
  • 92% maintained a full repairs service throughout lockdown and saw satisfaction rise to 92%

Your home

  • 38,076 repairs carried out
  • 431 new roofs were installed
  • 21 new kitchens
  • 19 new bathrooms
  • 497 homes and 45 blocks received a full re-furbishment
  • £3.5M invested in fire safety
  • 655 electrical safety checks
  • 1147 fire risk assessments completed
  • 8100 properties checked for gas safety

Your neighbourhood

  • 695 new Council Homes on site of our targeted 1,000
  • 34 new Council homes completed for Brent residents
  • £320K invested into estate improvements
  • 481 successfully resolved cases of anti-social behaviour
  • 162 completed signups for new Council tenants
  • 542 redecorated homes and blocks

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