About Housing Services

The Housing Promise

We aim to provide you with the best customer service possible every time you contact us.

The Brent Customer Promisesets out our commitment to all customers.

The Housing Management service also has specific quality standards to measure performance so you can expect an increasingly high quality and consistent service from all of our teams.

Below are a few reference points summarising these standards so that you always know what to expect. 

Quality Standards

  • Our staff will be customer focused and create a positive experience for you
  • You can easily contact us via email, phone or online by face to face, in your home or at your office. Our self-service customer portal is also available to tenants 24 hours a day.
  • We will keep all systems and information accurate, reliable and up to date as well as keep you informed so you won’t have to chase us
  • We will listen to your feedback via surveys, resident forums and other platforms in order to improve and tailor service to meet your needs.
  • We will meet the standards for each of our services such as repairs, lettings, tenancy management, anti-social behaviour and more. 

Download the full Housing Management Service Promise.  


Brent Council's services for tenant and leaseholders are regulated by the Homes and Communities Agency which sets out the framework outlining the standards required from all social housing operators. 

Our performance indicators and targets are based on best practice among our industry peers and local performance monitoring.

Until October 2017, housing services for tenants and leaseholders were managed by Brent Housing Partnership (BHP). These services have now been brought back in-house and are managed directly by Brent Council.

Brent Housing Partnership (until October 2017)