Communal repair, safety and maintenance

Generally, as a leaseholder you are responsible for repairs inside your home and for items only you use. Brent Council is responsible for repairing and maintaining the structure, outside and shared parts of the building you live in, the cost of which is recovered through your service charges or major works invoices

Reporting a communal repair

If you need a repair or need maintenance to be carried out to a shared area, you should report it to us immediately.

Report a repair, book and manage appointments and track progress quickly and easily via My Account

Report a repair 

Note you will need to activate your leaseholder account to access this service. To log a repair without logging in, report a non-urgent communal repair online

If you do have an emergency repair then please contact the Housing Management Customer Response Team directly on: 

  • 020 8937 2400 (8am to 5pm Monday to Friday)
  • 020 8937 1234 out-of-hours.

Please note that this service is available for emergencies such as:

  • Major damage to the roof
  • Major flooding
  • Major electrical faults in order to make safe only.

You should give your name, address, contact telephone number and the nature of the fault. The Council will take action to remove danger and prevent further damage to property. We will also take action to safeguard people at risk eg. elders, residents with disabilities or expectant mothers.

Where there is a major incident, the council will put in place measures to deal with this.