Communal repair, safety and maintenance

Generally, as a leaseholder you are responsible for repairs inside your home and for items only you use. Brent Council is responsible for repairing and maintaining the structure, outside and shared parts of the building you live in, the cost of which is recovered through your service charges or major works invoices

Reporting a communal repair

If you need a repair or need maintenance to be carried out to a shared area, you should report it to us immediately.

Report a non-urgent communal repair 

New master lock system

Please note the communal areas and the street entrance doors to communal areas are not tenants’ or leaseholders’ personal spaces. This applies equally to purpose built blocks and converted properties. These areas provide access to all dwellings in the property and must remain clean and clear of any obstruction at all times. These areas also provide access to various mechanical and electrical systems that require inspection and maintenance from time to time.

Street entrance doors are now fitted with a master lock system that allows us to access the property when no residents are available to provide access. We have installed this master lock system as the Council has faced difficulty in many properties when trying to access its own communal areas. In addition, the new master lock system means that residents do not have to stay at home to allow access to the Council.

Our officers and contractors will visit communal areas from time to time. We will respect the fact that residents use these areas to access their homes by ensuring that we carry and show identification, notify residents upon our arrival, and follow social distancing guidelines. We will aim to provide early notification in the form of a letter or telephone call before visiting, although this may not always be possible.