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Leaseholder responsibilities

Repair responsibilities

Your repair obligations are outlined in the terms of your lease. However, in most circumstances you will be responsible for the following items:

  • The window glazing (but not the frame)
  • The ceilings (but not the joists or beams or concrete floors)
  • All plaster and other surfaces to all floors, walls and ceilings in your property
  • The entrance door and frame to the property and any other external doors and frames (within the property)
  • All plumbing, electrical services and wiring within and servicing solely your property
  • All fixtures and fittings in the property (this usually includes window handles and locks)
  • All internal decoration

We are usually responsible for repairs outside your property, to the communal areas (if any), and to the structure of the building for example the roof, window frames, and common use service pipes.

Water leaks

Where there are instances of leaks occurring into your flat from another leasehold property, it is both home owners own responsibility to resolve the matter together. Once the leak has been rectified a claim can be made on the building insurance for any damage or repairs. 

Where a leak occurs from a communal service or a Brent Council tenanted property, please contact us to raise any required repair. Once the leak has been rectified a claim can be made on the building insurance for any damage or repairs, as we will not complete any associated repairs inside your leasehold property.

Gas safety

As a home owner it is your responsibility to have your gas appliances serviced regularly.

It is recommended that your appliances are checked every 12 months by a gas safe registered engineer or you may be in breach of your lease as appliances can become unsafe if unchecked.

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