What is a major works charge

Major works are works to the structure and exterior of your flat and building, and to any other premises that your lease grants you the right to use - for example, the common areas of the building and estate.

What does major works cover?

Brent Council will carry out any necessary repairs to your block and estate. In accordance with legislation you will be consulted before any work takes place.

Works to your block

This is the building that your property forms a part of and works might include:

  • roofs
  • window frames, but not glass
  • refuse bin areas
  • external walls
  • rainwater gutters and pipes
  • communal doors and entry phones
  • lifts
  • communal boilers
  • decoration of external and internal communal parts.

Works to the estate

This is the building, outbuildings, grounds, gardens, neighbouring buildings and land (including roads and paths) that are managed as one unit. On your estate, capital works might include repairs to:

  • estate roads and paths
  • boundary fences and gates
  • refuse bin areas
  • play areas
  • landscaping
  • gardens (excluding private gardens).

What Capital works do not cover?

Capital works do not cover any work to the inside of your home. As a leaseholder, you're responsible for maintaining the inside of your property yourself. For example:

  • front entrance doors to individual flats
  • kitchens
  • bathrooms
  • internal decoration
  • individual heating systems
  • water tanks and cisterns.

Consultation process

We will consult you before we carry out any work that will cost you more than £250. We are required to do this by law.

We will also consult you about any long-term works that will go on for more than 12 months and cost you more than £100 per year.

How will I be consulted?

There are three steps that will be followed in all consultations.

Step 1 - notice of intention

A notice of intention will be sent to leaseholders and Recognised Tenants' Associations (RTAs). The notice will:

  • briefly describe the proposed works
  • give the reason why they are necessary
  • invite your comments.

Some schedules will invite leaseholders and RTAs to nominate a contractor to carry out the work.

You will be given 30 days to respond to the notice. Brent Council then has 21 days to reply.

Step 2 - notice of proposals or notice of estimates

This notice contains the estimates received for the work, and the estimated charges you will have to pay. It also includes a summary of responses to the notice of intention.
You will have 30 days to send any comments.

Step 3 - notification of reasons

This notification will be sent if Brent Council chooses a contractor who is not either of the following:

  • the lowest bidder
  • the contractor(s) nominated by the leaseholders.

It will explain the reasons why the choice was made and also include a summary of replies to the notice of proposal.

Charges for Major Works

As a leaseholder, if major works are to be carried out to your estate or block you'll be invoiced once the final cost of the works is known. This is normally within 18 months of the works being completed

Brent Council must consult leaseholders before we carry out any major work or improvements to your block and before we enter into a long-term contract for providing services.

Pay your major works charge 

Consultation and Section 20

We will serve you with a legal notice called a Section-20 notice, giving you a brief description of the work, an estimated cost to your block or building, and the unit cost.

We must consult you if we are planning to carry out any work which will cost £250 or more for each individual property.

In an emergency or in circumstances beyond our control, when we do not have time to consult either the leaseholders or their representatives, we may still charge you for the cost of the work. For example, the collapse of a roof or chimney, falling masonry, or a burst water main. In order to do this we will seek dispensation from the First Tier Property Tribunal and inform you of their decision.


Brent Council will generally send you an invoice twelve to eighteen months after we have completed the work. There are various payment options available for paying for major works invoices:

  • If you pay the full amount within 28 days, you can receive a 5% discount.
  • Payment interest free over 12 months for invoices less than £1,000.
  • Payment interest free over 24 months for invoices over £1,000.

Payment through a loan of 3 to 10 years (please be aware that interest is applicable on all loans, please contact us for further information).