Home contents insurance

As a council tenant, it is your responsibility to ensure that your household possessions are protected against loss or damage. Brent Council do not accept any responsibility for the loss or damage of any household contents or possessions. 

We strongly advise you to protect the contents of your home through your own insurance scheme or through the council's house contents insurance scheme which is managed by Brent Council (not available for Council leaseholders).

Apply for Brent Council's home contents insurance

Please ensure you read the policy disclaimer first before completing your application.

Please post your form to:

Brent Housing Management
Brent Council
Brent Civic Centre,
Engineers Way, 

Policy disclaimer

Brent Council do not accept any responsibility for the loss or damage of tenant's household contents or possessions. While it would advise tenants to think carefully about securing adequate insurance cover for their contents or possessions, it is the tenant’s responsibility to make its own arrangements to insure its household possessions (including carpets, curtains and furniture) against loss or damage.

If your rent account goes into arrears, your insurance policy is likely to be cancelled without notice 

Failure to pay that part of your weekly commitment, which relates to insurance will be treated as a breach of contract, entitling Brent Council, to cancel your contents insurance.

Arrangement with Aviva Insurance Limited

While many insurance companies can provide cover for loss or damage to contents and possessions, and tenants have the choice of which insurance company they select, Brent Council has an arrangement with Aviva Insurance Limited.

This arrangement means Aviva can provide insurance cover for Brent’s tenants and payment for the insurance can be made alongside a tenant’s rent. A summary of the cover available is set out in the above booklet. You may wish to consider this option if you do not currently have home contents and possessions insurance.

Any policy taken out by tenants, or members of their households, is strictly between those parties and Aviva. Brent Council does not accept responsibility or liability for any aspect of the scheme.

*Brent Council receives an administration fee for this service.