If you wish to keep a pet, you must apply for permission. 

Pets you need our permission to keep

If you wish to keep a large pet such as a dog or a cat you must ask our permission before you bring the animal home.

Request permission to keep a pet

Please note, you will need to sign in to My Account and activate your tenant account to make a request.

Breeds we do not allow

We will not give you permission to keep pit bull-type dogs or any other prohibited breed as defined by the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

Pets you do not need our permission to keep

You do not need written permission for small animals such as gerbils and guinea pigs.

Removing your pets

If you don’t keep your pet under proper control or you let it be a nuisance to your neighbours or us, you will be breaching your tenancy terms and conditions and we will take away permission for you to keep it. You will have to remove your pet from your home.

If you do not remove your pet, we will take action against you which could include:

  • taking out an injunction to force you to remove your pet or
  • serving you with a notice to seek possession of your home.