Council repair responsibilities

The repairs we are responsible for are set out in your tenancy agreement. We will keep in good repair and proper working order our installations for supplying water, gas, electricity, room and water heating and sanitation including basins, sinks, baths, and toilet fittings.

We will keep the structure and exterior of the property in good repair, including drains, gutters, and external pipes, as well as the lift service, where provided.

We will keep in good repair communal entrances, halls and stairways in flats, as well as any other areas for use by all tenants and their families and visitors. The outside of your home and communal areas of flats and maisonettes will be decorated and kept in good repair.

Urgent repairs

In certain circumstances you have the right to require us to get a second contractor to do certain small urgent repairs which might affect your health, safety or security. These 'qualifying repairs' are under £250 and only applies to repairs that are our responsibility and which we have not completed within a prescribed time.

Please contact us for further details. You can also find out more from Shelter.