Planned maintenance

About our planned maintenance programme

To keep your home in good condition we have a on going programme of work planned over a rolling five year period. This planned maintenance includes upgrading kitchens and bathrooms, replacing external doors and central heating systems, replacing of eaves joinery and gutters, and external re-decoration and render repairs.

We try to keep to the arranged programme but this is not always possible due to matters. Sometimes work has to be brought forward as a matter of urgency and this will mean that other work has to be delayed. Other times, tenants ask us not to carry out work on their property at the planned time.

As well as this we use the opportunity of properties being vacant (due to a tenancy ending) to do essential improvements before the new tenant moves in.

Will my property have work done to it and if so when?

If your property is scheduled to undergo any programmed works you will receive a letter from us advising what work will be done, and to expect a survey visit from a programmed works officer. Once the project has been tendered, the contractor will contact you to arrange a pre-works visit, agree a date and timescale for the work and ask you to make your choice selections (if appropriate).

If you wish to know whether your property is scheduled to have any programmed work carried out on it in the near future, please contact our customer experience team who will be able to advise you.