Repair priority

When will my repair get done?

To help you decide whether your repair is urgent or not, listed below are all Brent Council's repairs categories:

Priority 1
Attend within two hours to make safe and complete within 24 hours.

Priority 2 (Right to Repair guidelines apply) 
Tenants can use the Right to Repair schemes for small repair jobs. The repair must cost less than £250 to carry out.

Type of repairTarget for repairs to be carried out
Total loss of electrical power 1
Partial loss of electric power  3
Unsafe electrical fitting 1
Partial loss of water supply  3
Total or partial loss of accommodation or water/heating between 31st October and 1st May  1
Total or partial loss of accommodation or water / heating between 30th April and 1st November  3
Toilet not flushing (where there is no other toilet in dwelling)  1
Blocked sink, bath or basin  3
Tap which cannot be turned off 3
Leakage from water or heating pipe, tank or cister 1
Leaking roof 7
Insecure external window, door or lock 1
Loose of detached banister or handrail 3
Mechanical extractor fan in internal kitchen or bathroom not working 7


Priority 3
Complete repair within 28 days.

Exceptions to Right to Repair
Repairs normally treated as Right to Repair jobs will be treated as Priority 3 for the following reasons:

  • Cost of full repair work is over £250
  • Resident is not able to meet the appointment outlined within the target.

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