Ending my tenancy

If you want to move out of your council home, you must send us a ‘notice to quit’ to tell us that you want to end your tenancy. This is a legal document and must be filled in correctly or you may not be able to end your tenancy. To get a copy of the form contact us or phone us on 020 8937 2400

We must receive your notice to quit at least four weeks before you want the tenancy to end. This is known as a ‘notice period’.

Your tenancy will end on a Monday. You can move out at any time up until that date but you must agree your moving-out date with us first. You will not be able to stay in the property after that date.

When you leave you must give ‘vacant possession’ which means that you must leave the property:

  • clean
  • clear of furniture, anything else you own and all rubbish
  • with no people or pets still living there.
  • If you do not leave your property clean and clear, we will charge you for the cost of cleaning and clearing out the property.

Joint tenants

If you are a joint tenant and one of you gives us notice to end the tenancy, the tenancy will end for all the tenants.

If you are a joint tenant and you want to move out before the end of the notice period all tenants in a joint tenancy must sign the notice to quit.

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