My terms and conditions

When you become a tenant with Brent Council, you will be asked to sign a tenancy agreement which is a legal contract between us.

The tenancy terms and conditions sets out our joint responsibilities and signing it means that you are promising to keep your side of the agreement. If you struggle to keep any of the terms, get in touch immediately as we may be able to help.

Download the tenancy terms and conditions

Your tenancy terms and conditions are available in different languages.

Translation disclaimer

The English version of the Tenancy Terms and Conditions is the legal document that will be used and relied upon for the purposes of legal interpretation and for use in Court proceedings.

Translations from English may not always be accurate or precise and Brent Council does not warrant such translations and disclaims any responsibility, including all alleged direct and consequential damages, for inaccurate translations.

Many different dialects exist and a perfect translation is almost impossible. If you are uncertain as to your legal position regarding the content and interpretation of the Tenancy Terms and Conditions, you should seek independent legal advice.


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