Estate caretaking

The cleaning and maintenance of council estates has moved in house. It is now provided by Brent Estate Cleaning Services. 

Wettons Cleaning Services previously cleaned housing estates across the borough, but Brent’s Cabinet has made the decision that a good quality cleaning service, which is more responsive to residents’ needs, will be better delivered by Brent Council directly.

A comprehensive consultation took place, ensuring that residents were in the driving seat to bring about an improved service.

Council tenants and leaseholders across Brent have said that they want the new Estate Caretaking Service to focus on keeping bin areas clean and tackle fly tipping.

Results from a survey carried out over the summer of 2019 revealed satisfaction was low with the standard of service previously delivered under Wettons but residents were satisfied with the conduct of cleaning staff, whose terms have conditions have improved under the transition back in-house. 

This shows the Council has the right people in place and using feedback can start to create the service residents want to see.

Residents who took part said the new service should be tailored to a specific area needs. The majority of residents also said they would like to get involved in monitoring service performance.

A quarter of residents responded that they would be willing to pay more for enhanced cleaning services. However, many of those in favour of paying more live on estates where satisfaction was higher in comparison to other areas of the borough.

If you would like to share your thoughts on improving the service, you can do so via email