Ground and tree maintenance

Looking after the grass, trees and shrubs on your estate all year round helps make your neighbourhood a nicer place to live.

Our contractor partners Veolia perform the following tasks on behalf of Brent Council around the communal areas of your estate:

  • Cut grass
  • Maintain hedges
  • Carry our seasonal work such as clearing away leaves  
  • Kill off weeds.

Your Estates Inspector carries out monthly or bi-monthly inspections to ensure ground maintenance works are up to standard.

This service is not available for all converted houses with communal gardens. These areas are the responsibility of the residents occupying the property. 

Tree maintenance

Brent Council provides a service to maintain trees in any communal area on our estates.

In certain circumstances we can provide an individual tree maintenance service for tenants.

In cases of emergency

If you have a situation where a tree has fallen or is in danger of falling and you are concerned, please call us 020 8937 2400 or contact us during office hours Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

If the emergency is outside of office hours please contact the emergency standby team on 020 8937 1234.