Housing Partnerships

We work with housing associations and other agencies to:

  • make sure the council gets an agreed level of nomination rights to housing association properties
  • monitor the costs and progress of housing association developments across the borough
  • make sure housing associations keep rents affordable by managing cost of developments

Joint commissioning

The joint commissioning arrangements allow us to identify Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) to work with developers where planning policy requires more affordable housing.

The partnerships achieve value for money by keeping costs low for new developments, ensuring that the limited amount of available money is 'stretched' as far as possible.

Joint commissioning arrangements also improve our access to affordable homes by means of formal nomination agreements.

Brent Housing Group

The Brent Housing Group (BHG) is a forum where housing associations and representatives from the council discuss social housing.

The group meets quarterly and before each meeting we produce a report on issues affecting housing in the borough. There are also sub-groups that address specific issues.