Kilburn Square Estate

Calling all residents of Kilburn Square Estate! This April, come along to a public exhibition where you can meet the Design Team and see the proposed designs for the future of the estate as shaped by you. Find out more, we can’t wait to meet you!

There is an affordable housing crisis in London. In response, Brent aims to make 5,000 new affordable homes available over a five-year period, 1,000 of these through its own council building programme. The most effective way to do this is to use land the council already owns that is suitable for new homes.

Kilburn Square Estate has been identified as a suitable location for two key reasons:

  • The opportunity to redevelop the former Kilburn Clinic and current Brondesbury Road Mental Health Centre
  • The availability of significant parcels of land that the Council understands would be suitable for much-needed new homes.

The development plans create an opportunity to make the estate a better, safer place to live for everyone, improving the landscaping and helping to reduce crime. New homes will be energy efficient, blend in with existing homes and designed to the highest standards by award-winning architects.

The council has a very successful record of creating new homes on infill development sites in this way. The improved landscaping will see more trees planted and the adoption of green and brown roofs for new homes.

Listening to you

We are committed to developing the plans with the full involvement of residents, stakeholders and neighbours. Your views will shape the plans for both the new homes and how we improve the current estate. So it’s vital that you give us your feedback in one or more of the ways below:

  • Attending the engagement events advertised locally, that will be held virtually because of the coronavirus pandemic
  • Completing and returning the questionnaires sent to your home
  • Emailing us at
  • Calling us on 0208 937 2420 or 07436 704 072

Additional benefits for existing residents

If you are a Council Tenant, and current home is overcrowded or under occupied, or someone in your household has a medical or extra care need, you may have an opportunity to move to one of the new homes as a priority through the Local Lettings Policy. If you are interested, you will need to meet the council’s allocations policy. Please ensure you are registered on Locata in the first instance.

Another key benefit of a project like this is the training and employment opportunities available to residents throughout the construction of new homes. We will work with you to ensure these opportunities are prioritised for estate residents and local people.