Social and affordable homes for rent

Setting and maintaining rent levels at a decent standard where rented homes are genuinely affordable is a key priority in Brent.

Affordable housing is considered anything that is 80% of the current market rent. There are however, a wide range of different rent levels associated with affordable housing.

In Brent, we aim to develop affordable housing at around 50-65% of the current market rent.

Types of Rents

Social rent

Local councils are the main provider of social rents. Registered Providers (RPs) and properties owned by other persons in agreement with The Mayor of London can also let properties at social rent.

Social rents are set using a government formula set out in the Rent Standard Guidance. Landlords have flexibility to set rents up to 5% above the formula rent (10% in the case of supported housing) – this is known as the ‘rent flexibility level’.

London Affordable Rent

London Affordable Rent was introduced by Mayor of London. The Greater London Authority (GLA) publish a table of London Affordable Rents which is updated each year.  Find more information including the set rents for London Affordable Rent.

London Living Rent

London Living Rent homes are for middle-income households who now rent and want to build up savings to buy a home.

This can be either through shared ownership or outright purchase. Landlords are expected to encourage their tenants into home ownership within 10 years.

Affordable rent

Affordable rented housing is let by local councils or private registered providers of social housing to households who are eligible for social rented housing.

Affordable rent should be no more than 80% of the local market rent (including service changes, where applicable). 

Brent Council require new properties for affordable rent to be let at a maximum of 65% of the market to ensure they are affordable in line with the London Housing Strategy.

Applying for social and affordable housing

If you are in need of social or affordable housing in Brent, you will need to apply via the council’s housing register. There are currently 3,464 households on the housing register. New affordable rented homes are advertised on the Locata Website. You can only apply if you are on the housing register.

If you are at risk of homelessness, please contact the council as soon as possible as we may be able to prevent this. You could be placed in a home in the Private Rented Sector (PRS) as an accommodation option to relieve your homelessness. For more general information on homelessness.

If you want to find a Shared Ownership or London Living Rent home, you can do this through the Mayor of London’s newly launched Homes for Londoners search tool.

This allows you to search for homes, check whether you are eligible, and to also book open day viewings.The homes advertised on the search are either Shared Ownership, London Living Rent or other forms of affordable housing, aimed at Londoners on low to middle incomes.