Top Tips for private renters

Coronavirus: For latest information, advice and guidance for private tenants visit our dedicated Changes to Services page. If you have any questions or concerns, call please call the Private Housing team, on: 020 8937 2384 or email us.

  • DO NOT hand over money straight away

  • Always bear in mind that landlords and lettings agents always look for good tenants – people who are reliable, will keep the property in good condition and pay the rent. There is a huge demand for private rented accommodation out of London so the better you are able to present yourself, the more likely it is that landlords and agents will be impressed.

  • Ring landlords and agents – It will usually take more than a couple of phone calls before you’re viewing properties and you shouldn’t expect lettings agents always to ring you back. Making regular, polite and relaxed calls is a very good idea.

  • Don’t contact just one or two lettings agencies – Keep regular track of all the agencies that serve the areas you want to live in; make sure you’re checking local newspapers, websites, community noticeboards, shop windows and so on. The wider you search, the more likely you will be successful.

  • When you have viewings of properties… look presentable, be on time, be friendly, and make sure you have your particular questions written down and ready to ask.