Single Homelessness Prevention Service (SHPS) scheme

General Information

Invitation to apply for grant

This grant application is now closed (16 June 2017)

Following an initial engagement process with local voluntary sector organisations, Brent Council is now issuing an open invitation for full applications to deliver the Single Homelessness Prevention Service (SHPS).

Applications are invited up to a maximum £1,800,000 and applications approaching that sum will be preferred. The Council wishes to enter into a single grant agreement to deliver the whole service, but bids from a consortium of service providers working together are welcome.   

Successful bids will need to demonstrate that they will achieve successful homelessness prevention and relief, and accommodation sustainment outcomes for non-priority need households with support needs below the threshold for the council’s existing floating support and accommodation based support services. 

Grant paid will be for outcomes achieved as set out in the accompanying documents, so it will be necessary for grant recipients to self-fund their service until sufficient outcomes payments have been claimed to cover service costs. This may be achieved by use of social investment, but this is not required if other sources of funding are available.   

Applications should include the completed application form at Schedule 1 of the invitation and the completed financial schedule at Schedule 2 as well as the supplementary financial information requested in Schedule 3, and completed investor letter/s following the example shown in Schedule 4 if applicable.

The deadline for receipt of applications has been extended to 5pm, 16 June 2017.

This is to allow time for bidders to consider whether to bid for the alternative outcomes which have now been introduced to the programme, which can be seen by clicking on the alternative outcomes tab above.

In addition to the information available here, the Council will be happy to provide further information on the PASS project to organisations who express an interest in bidding.  The Council will also arrange access to current services for such organizations.

A Q&A sheet is included in the documents on this webpage, and this will be updated from time to time.    


Alternative Outcomes

Alternative Outcomes Framework and Extension to the Closing Date for Bids

Following feedback from potential bidders, the Council has decided to allow bids which deliver the following outcomes, as an alternative to those specified in the bidding prospectus:

  • An assessment fee for registering referred clients, who are accepted by the provider onto the SHPS Scheme. This fee will only be paid if a written personal housing plan is completed, which is signed by both the provider and the client. Maximum Tariff £300
  • Prevention or relief of homelessness as specified in the prospectus. Maximum Tariff £750
  • Sustainment of accommodation for 8 months as specified in the prospectus, with the additional requirement that the provider certifies that the client is not at identified risk of homelessness, and specifically that no action has been taken by the landlord suggesting that their tenancy is in jeopardy, such as the issue of an active notice of seeking possession. Maximum Tariff £750

Bidders opting to deliver these outcomes will not be able to claim a 14 month accommodation sustainment outcome payment.

Bids will be accepted which offer to deliver this specific combination of outcomes, or the original three outcomes of:

  • Prevention/relief of homelessness Maximum Tariff £650
  • Sustainment of accommodation for 8 months – Maximum Tariff £600
  • Sustainment of accommodation for 14 months – Maximum Tariff £550

Other combinations of outcomes and tariffs will not be accepted, and it is not possible to mix outcomes from the two acceptable combinations, which are now allowed.

The Financial Schedule on this page has been amended to allow for both possibilities to be included, and bids for either outcomes scenario will be assessed on a like for like basis, with the same weighting and scoring approach continuing to be applicable in each case, as specified in the bidding prospectus.

In the light of this change to the bidding terms, the deadline for submission of applications has been extended to 5.00 p.m. on the 16th June 2017