Homeless - not entitled to benefits

If you are not entitled to welfare benefits (also know as no recourse to public funds) then you will be unable to access most housing and financial support from the government.

Your immigration status will affect what kind of support you can get from the council. If you have ‘no recourse to public funds’ (NRPF) then you may not be eligible for support with housing through the local council. Normally, limited leave to enter or remain (i.e. a visa with a time limit) means you will have NRPF.

If you have leave to enter or remain with the NRPF condition then this will be written on your residence permit card, biometric residence permit (BRP) or your home office documents. 

The information in this guide is not legal advice.  Please seek specialist immigration advice if you do not understand what your immigration status means. It’s best to try and do this before applying for housing at the Council or before applying for benefits at the job centre.