Exclusions to support from social services

Some groups of migrants are excluded from being able to receive support or assistance from social services.

The five groups are:

  •          European Economic Area (EEA) nationals (not British citizens)
  •          People who are unlawfully present in the UK (including: visa over stayers; illegal entrants and refused asylum seekers who claimed asylum in-country, rather than at port of entry)
  •          People with refugee status that has been granted by an EEA country 
  •          Refused asylum seekers who have failed to comply with removal directions
  •          Refused asylum seeking families that the Home Office has issued with certification confirming that they have failed to take steps to leave the UK voluntarily

When the exclusion applies, social services will need to carry out a human rights assessment as well as a needs assessment to establish whether help can be given.

The above exclusions do not apply to children, but when a parent is in an excluded group, the whole family may be prevented from receiving housing and financial support.