Booking a computer

It's free to book a computer for one hour a day at any of our libraries.

All users must first agree to and comply with the ICT conditions of use

What services are available?

  • Printing A4 black and white - from 20p per page
  • Scanning - such as letters, signed documents
  • Saving - to a memory stick

What software is available?

  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Assistive Technology

Most libraries have one computer terminal with a 21 inch screen, magnification and speech software (which allows users to magnify a piece of text or image), a large format keyboard, tracker ball mouse, headphones and in some libraries, variable height workstations to accommodate wheelchairs or motorised buggies.

How do I book?

Book in advance

Already in one of our libraries?

Also you can contact any Brent library to book a session on a computer