Booking a computer

From Monday 3 August, you can use a PC at the following libraries - Ealing Road, Kilburn, Willesden Green and Wembley. Book a PC in advance.

Brent Museum, Gallery and Archives and the other library sites remain closed temporarily.

How do I book?

You can reserve a PC to use in one of our libraries online.

You can contact any Brent library to book a session on a computer

It's free to book a computer for one hour a day at any of our libraries.

All users must first agree to and comply with the ICT conditions of use

What services are available?

  • Printing A4 black and white - from 20p per page
  • Scanning - such as letters, signed documents
  • Saving - to a memory stick

What software is available?

  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Assistive Technology

Most libraries have one computer terminal with a 21 inch screen, magnification and speech software (which allows users to magnify a piece of text or image), a large format keyboard, tracker ball mouse, headphones and in some libraries, variable height workstations to accommodate wheelchairs or motorised buggies.


Things to read

Contact us

020 8937 3400

Free family tree search

The Ancestry database for genealogy is available for Brent Library members to use for free from any of our library computers.