Reserving and renewing items

If an item is out on loan or at another branch don't worry, we can still reserve a copy for you.

Make a reservation online or at a library and have it sent to the branch of your choice, there is no a charge for this service.

If the book is not available on the library catalogue we can usually get it for you from elsewhere.

There is a charge of £3 per book for this service for most items, or £10 if the only option is borrowing from the British Library. Contact your local library to place a request.

Alternatively you can make a free stock suggestion to let us know about a new title you think we may have missed.

Please note that we are unable to reserve items unsuitable for Brent library stock and this can include non-book formats such as Videos and music CDs, combined works where individual volumes are available and single use items such as work books or colouring books.