How do I change my vehicle details?

Step 1

Log into your account - See 'How do I log into my account?' if you need help with this.

Step 2

The next page you see will list your season ticket applications. Click on the 'Edit' button for the application that you wish to amend your vehicle registration number for.

List of season ticket applications

Step 3

On the next screen scroll down to the bottom of the page to the Vehicles section and click 'Edit'.

Edit your vehicle details

Scroll down and click the 'Add a Vehicle' link.

Add a new vehicle

Enter your new vehicle registration in to the 'Enter new number plate' field. Click 'Submit' when you've finished.

Please take care to enter your vehicle registration mark accurately. Failure to do so may lead to you receiving a Penalty Charge Notice.

Submit your change

Step 4

Click 'Confirm' to confirm the change.

Confirm changes to application