Controlled Parking Zones

General Information

Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) are car parking areas monitored by us which, in some cases, means you will need a permit to park.

Am I in a Controlled Parking Zone?

Use our quick search to see if you are in a Controlled Parking Zone. If you are you will need a parking permit to park on the street.

Zone maps and restriction details



Street parking - road markings explained

Permit holder bays

These are bays designated for all permits or particular types of permit as specified on the signs such as residents permit holders only or business permits only.

Pay and display bays

These are bays designated for short stay visitors or motorists visiting businesses and homes in a CPZ area. They are designed to ensure that there is a regular turnover of parking spaces. Motorists who wish to park in the zone may do so at designated pay and display bays, by purchasing a ticket from a pay and display machine and displaying it on the windscreen of their vehicles.

The parking charges are shown on the pay and display machines. These machines will only accept payment up to the maximum permitted length of stay. Resident's permits are not valid in pay and display 'only' bays.

Shared use bays

These are bays which allow permit holders and pay and display users to park. Permit holders must display a valid permit and pay and display users must purchase a pay and display ticket.

Loading bays/loading and unloading

Loading bays are provided in CPZ's where there is a requirement to assist vehicles delivering or picking up heavy or bulky goods. Loading and unloading is only permitted for a maximum period of 30 minutes.

Single yellow lines

The single yellow lines indicate a parking prohibition within the controlled hours specified on the zone entry plate along the space marked with a single yellow line.

If different hours apply to the general hours for the zone then separate signs are displayed to indicate the times. Single yellow lines apply during all bank holidays. There is no legal obligation for the council to install additional signs which state this.

Double yellow lines

The double yellow line indicates a 24-hour parking prohibition. All double yellow lines within Brent operate seven days a week, including bank holidays. It is no longer required to sign double yellow restrictions.

For further information about our parking rules please contact us on 020 8937 5600 or email