Making changes or requesting a new CPZ

The Council is aware of an increased demand for new Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) in the borough, as well as requests for changes to existing CPZs and parking controls. In recognition of this, the Council is developing a programme for introducing new CPZs, reviewing existing CPZs, and introducing parking and loading restrictions where needed.

View a map of Controlled Parking Zones in Brent

The programme started in 2017 and will be on-going. We will prioritise areas where we receive numerous requests for changes, there is evidence of on-street parking pressures and a high level of public support. We aim to introduce on-street parking controls that will benefit residents and businesses alike. If you would like to request changes to parking controls in your area, please see the guidance notes and complete the request form.

Please fill out the online form to have your say on parking zones and controls.

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