The CPZ review process

New CPZs and CPZ reviews

  • CPZs will be considered in areas where on-street parking pressures can be demonstrated, through a high number of requests and from parking surveys undertaken.
  • CPZs will usually be introduced to clusters of streets, in order to minimise the potential for cars over spilling into neighbouring streets.
  • Individual streets will not be considered for a CPZ, unless adjacent to an existing CPZ in which it could be included. Priority will be given where there is evidence of support for new CPZs or changes to existing CPZs, either through online requests or from petitions.

View guidance on submitting a petition or e-petition and to access a printable template.

Waiting and loading restrictions (yellow lines)

The Council will assess and prioritise requests for short sections of yellow lines, taking into consideration the following:

  • Where the request has come from; e.g. Emergency services, access for other services, bus operators, MPs, Councillors, General Public
  • Road layout; e.g. Proximity to junctions, bus stops, narrow roads, brow of a hill etc.
  • Specific concern raised; e.g. Road safety, pedestrian routes, cycle routes, bus stops, proximity of schools and other local amenities
  • Parking density and frequency; e.g. level of parking observed and times and frequency of obstruction
  • Road safety / road user visibility; e.g. severity and frequency of poor visibility

What happens next?

In determining our programme we will consider the responses we receive.

  • Schemes will be prioritised and a programme will be developed for changes to parking management for approval by Cabinet.
  • Officers will also consider opportunities to change CPZ boundaries in order to improve parking availability and consistency in operational controls in the area.
  • Any changes will be dependent on a full and formal consultation process.
  • Following the consultation process, the Highways Committee will consider requests for new CPZs or changes to the operation of existing CPZ or the WSPPS.
  • Requests for new CPZs or changes to the operation of existing CPZ or the WSPPS that are not prioritised may be considered for inclusion in a future programme.
  • For specific yellow line restrictions, the Head of Highways and Infrastructure will consider the results of a formal consultation process and determine whether restrictions should be introduced.