Suspending a parking bay and dispensations


The temporary suspension of a parking bay reserves a specific bay or bays for use on a specified day, or part of a specified day, by a specified vehicle.

Apply by post or email

An application for a suspension of a bay must be made at least 7 working days in advance, applications maybe refused if made outside of this period.

Download the suspension application form

Email the form to or post it to Unit 20-22, Whitby Avenue, Park Royal, NW10 7SF. Postal Applications need to be received 7 working days prior to the start of the suspension.

If granted we will post notices alerting other motorists of the change and will send the applicant the permit(s) (applicable only for the purpose of Domestic Removal) which must be displayed in the windscreen of the authorised vehicle.


The charge for parking suspensions is £47 per bay per day. (Suspensions for Brent Council funded street maintenance is at no cost)

The charge for the early reinstatement of a parking bay that has been suspended is £92.

The charge for the short notice suspension of a parking bay (under 14 days) is £94.