Vehicle crossings and dropped kerbs

Vehicle crossings allow vehicles to cross over the pavement to meet the road from private property and often need the kerb to be lowered and the pavement strengthened.

We provide a fee-paying service for the construction of vehicle crossings and dropped kerbs for off street parking.


There is a non-refundable £105 administration fee for providing each estimate. 

Completed application forms need to be with the application fee.

Unless the location doesn't require planning permission and providing the application complies with our policy, a highway engineer will assess whether the location of the proposed crossing is suitable and check compliance. Where it is suitable, a quotation for installing the crossing will be sent to the applicant.

Once full payment has been received, the application will be added to our programme of works. Crossovers are usually constructed within six weeks.

Please note, our contractors are the only ones approved to carry out this work. It is an offence for any other persons to do this work without the council’s permission. 

White lines

White lines can be added across private driveways, crossovers and garage fronts that go onto the public highway. Go to the road markings and signs page to apply.

Getting planning permission

For certain roads planning permission has to be obtained before a decision can be made.

Planning permission will be required for applications from householders that wish to pave their driveway with a waterproof material exceeding 5m sq or where surface water will not drain into the front garden.

For further guidance and advice visit Planning Portal, call 020 8937 5600 or email

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