Debt Registration

If the case is not paid the debt will be registered at the Traffic Enforcement Centre (TEC) and 'Order for Recovery for Unpaid Penalty' paperwork will be served, increasing the amount by £8.

A witness statement or statutory declaration will be enclosed and if applicable can be filed. There are 3 or 4 grounds depending on the specific form and the respondent will then have 21 days to either pay the PCN or file a witness statement/statutory declaration if one of the grounds apply.

Details are enclosed with the paperwork:

  • I did not receive the PCN/Notice to Owner (NTO)/Enforcement Notice
  • I made representation to the Council and did not receive a reply
  • I appealed to Environment and Traffic Adjudicators (ETA) and did not receive a response
  • I paid the notice

If this process is not followed and the case is still unpaid we will apply to the Court (TEC) for a Warrant of Execution and the case will be passed to our Debt Recovery Company to recover the debt.