Information about challenging a PCN


If you have received a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) and you feel you should not have to pay as it was wrongly issued you can challenge (appeal) the issue of the PCN (ticket).The process you follow depends on what stage the notice has reached. Please ensure you follow the process outlined on your PCN.

Please do not make a payment if you wish to challenge the issue of the PCN.  If you make a payment, this is taken as you accepting liability. Once payment is made, the case is closed and you will receive no reply to further correspondence.

Before you challenge or appeal a PCN

Challenge your Penalty Charge Notice online 

Before you challenge or appeal a PCN you should view the evidence that we have.

You should be aware before making a challenge that there are reasons why an appeal may be rejected.  Common reasons for rejecting an appeal are listed below.  Each case will be assessed on its merits:

  • I thought I could park there at that time
  • I got a ticket and no one else did
  • Other vehicles were parked there when I arrived
  • I have always parked there
  • I was only a few minutes late
  • I did not see the sign
  • I did not know it was a controlled parking zone
  • My wheels were only over by a bit
  • I did not know that payment was required for parking at the location
  • I forgot to display my pay and display ticket
  • I forgot to pay by RingGo