Understanding the Penalty Charge process

You can challenge a parking ticket if you believe:

  • the ticket should not have been issued, or
  • that there are special reasons why it should be cancelled

The Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) appeals process has three stages:

Informal challenge (appeal)

You can make an informal challenge against the PCN (appeal), if you have received a;

  • Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) from a Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) or 
  • PCN relating to a CCTV bus lane contravention

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Formal Representations 

You can make a formal representation regarding your PCN within 28 days, if you have received a;

  • Notice to Owner (NTO),
  • Enforcement Notice, relating to bus lane contraventions or
  • PCN served by post (except bus lane contraventions).

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Independent Parking Adjudicator

You may appeal to the adjudicator if you have received;

  • a postal PCN/Notice to Owner/Enforcement Notice from an enforcement authority; and
  • you have made formal representations to that authority challenging the Penalty Charge Notice; and
  • you have received a Notice of Rejection from the authority.

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If payment is made the case will be closed and you lose the right to appeal, this is taken as you accepting liability. You will not receive a reply to your correspondence.