PCN appeals process

  • PCN appeals process
  • PCN appeals process

The PCN appeals process has three stages:

  • Informal challenge
  • Formal representation
  • Independent parking adjudicator

Informal challenges

This option is available if you have received a PCN from a civil enforcement officer (CEO) or a PCN relating to a bus lane contravention. 

An informal challenge made within 14 days from the date of the notice, will be put on hold at the discount amount; a challenge received after the 14 days will be put on hold at the full amount and the case will be on hold until you receive our decision.

If your challenge is successful, the PCN is cancelled and no further action is taken. If your challenge is unsuccessful and rejected, you have another opportunity to pay at the discounted rate providing your challenge was received within 14 days.

If you are not satisfied with the decision, the DVLA registered keeper must wait until a notice to owner or (for a bus lane PCN) an enforcement notice has been received. The registered keeper can then make formal representation.

At this stage, representations are made against the full PCN charge. The discounted rate will no longer be available.

Formal representations

This option is available to the registered keeper of a vehicle if they have received:

  • A notice to owner, relating to a PCN issued by a civil enforcement officer
  • An enforcement notice, relating to bus lane contraventions
  • A PCN served by post (except bus lane contraventions)

Each of these documents lists the specific grounds on which representations can be made. An Appeals Officer within the parking service department will carefully consider the representations and reply to the registered keeper of a vehicle. If representation is received from someone other than the registered keeper, the reply will be sent to the registered keeper and not the person who wrote in.

If the representation is successful, the PCN is cancelled and no further action is taken. If the representation is unsuccessful, a formal notice of rejection is sent to the registered keeper. This includes payment instructions and a form allowing a further appeal to the independent adjudicator, should the registered keeper choose not to pay the full charge for the PCN within 28 days. 

Submitting a Challenge or Representation

You can submit a challenge or representation online. 

You should make sure you have your PCN reference number (beginning with BT) and your vehicle registration number to hand when making an appeal.

Our online system allows you to:

  • Pay your Penalty Charge Notice (PCN)
  • View details and photographs of your PCN
  • Make a challenge or representation against your PCN
  • Check the current amount outstanding on your PCN

To challenge a PCN complete the online form setting out your reasons. Please include your postal address.

Challenge your Penalty Charge Notice online

If you have more than one PCN you wish to challenge, you must contest each one separately.

The law requires us to respond to your representations within 56 days although, we will usually consider your case and let you know our decision within 21 days. If you have received another notice from us in the meantime please don’t ignore it; forward a copy of your previous letter or use our online contact form and we will investigate what’s happened to your case. 

While we do reply to online challenges by email wherever possible the law does require us to send some responses by post.

You can also submit your challenge or representation by post to London Borough of Brent (Parking Services), PO Box 210, Sheffield, S98 1NE.  

Appeals to the independent adjudicator

If your formal representations have been rejected and you want to appeal further, you can ask an independent parking adjudicator from the Environment and Traffic Appeals Service (ETA) to review the decision. You should note the adjudicator can only legally consider appeals on specific grounds.

Once you have submitted your appeal to the adjudicator, a hearing date will be set and we have the opportunity to defend its decision to reject the formal representation. You can choose to receive the adjudicator’s decision by post or attend the hearing in person. The adjudicator’s decision is binding on both us and the person making the appeal.

If an appeal is unsuccessful, the full PCN charge is payable. If the PCN is not paid a charge certificate will be issued. There is no right to appeal at the charge certificate stage. This is merely an advisory notice.

For further information on the process for challenging a PCN please visit the Environment and Traffic Adjudicators (ETA) website - www.londontribunals.gov.uk