Appeals to the Independent Adjudicator

You can send your form to the Environment and Traffic Appeals Service (ETA) and ask an Independent Parking Adjudicator to review the decision. 

Once you have submitted your appeal to the adjudicator, a hearing date will be set. You can choose to receive the adjudicator’s decision by post or attend the hearing in person.

The adjudicator’s decision is binding, there is no appeals process after this stage.

What happens next?

If an appeal is unsuccessful, the full PCN charge is payable.

If the PCN is not paid a Charge Certificate (CC) (A notice issued to motorists who have not paid a penalty charge within the set time limits) will be issued. You cannot appeal at the charge certificate stage. This is just an advisory notice.

For further information on the process for challenging a PCN please visit the Environment and Traffic Adjudicators (ETA) website

Failure to follow the appeals process or make payment may result in your case progressing and it will be passed to a debt recovery company (Enforcement Agent) to collect the debt.