Making a formal representation

This option is available to the DVLA registered keeper/hirer  if they have received:

  •         A Notice to Owner (NTO), relating to a PCN issued by a CEO (traffic warden)
  •         An enforcement notice, relating to bus lane contraventions
  •         A PCN served by post (except bus lane contraventions)

Each document lists the specific grounds on which representations can be made.

Your representations will be reviewed by an appeals officer and a reply sent to the registered keeper/hirer of the vehicle.

If representation is received from someone other than the registered keeper/hirer, the reply will be sent to the registered keeper/hirer and not the person who wrote in.

What happens next?

If the representation is successful, the PCN is cancelled and no further action is taken. 

If the representation is unsuccessful, a formal notice of rejection is sent to the registered keeper/hirer. This includes payment instructions and a form allowing a further appeal to the independent adjudicatorFull instructions are noted in the letter.