Persistent Evaders

A persistent evader is a person that has three or more outstanding PCN's that have not been paid, represented or appealed against within the statutory time limits. We have powers to take additional action against persistent evaders of parking and traffic penalties.

Keepers of vehicles who have numerous outstanding Penalty Charge Notices risk further action from Brent’s Enforcement Agents (‘bailiffs’). Additional enforcement action could consist of:

  • your details being passed to our Enforcement Agents to recover any outstanding debt.
  • vehicle clamping and removal.
  • being asked to set up an ongoing payment plan with Brent to repay your debt to the Council before you can retrieve your vehicle.
  • parking permits that you have in the borough being suspended until you have agreed a payment plan with us.

If you are having financial difficulties that have prevented you from making a payment please contact us on 0208 937 5022, or email , to discuss your repayment options which will be considered upon receipt of evidence.