Information for older or disabled people

The majority of older or disabled people have access to a land-line phone and are able to use this to arrange parking for visitors.

In the case of customers that are not able to do this, the following options are in place.

Visitor household permit

A visitor household permit is like an annual 'season ticket' for visitors. It may be purchased on behalf of a very vulnerable person, and they will receive a paper permit that may be displayed in any visitors vehicle.

Trusted virtual visitor pass

Up to two trusted persons that visit a very vulnerable person on a regular basis, such as a son or daughter, can with the consent of the vulnerable person have their mobile phone associated with the vulnerable persons address. This allows the trusted person to use that mobile phone to arrange their own electronic visitor pass when they visit. This arrangement may be set-up over the phone.

What about carers?

In addition to all the options open to the general public, there are two additional options for carers.

Health emergency badge

Medical professionals that make home visits are eligible for a health emergency badge.

Essential user permits

People that care for more than one household are eligible to obtain annual essential user permits. This would include carers, clerics of any religion, physiotherapists, chiropodists and therapists.


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