Wembley event day parking restrictions

On Wembley Stadium event days, only residents and businesses with an event day permit are allowed to park in the zone. Anyone parking illegally in the event day zone will get a parking ticket and may have their vehicle removed.

Wembley Stadium is a public transport venue and restrictions are enforced to ensure that the area remains congestion free and minimum disruption is caused to the local community by visitors to the stadium.

Apply for an event day permit

Only residents and businesses within the zone can apply for a permit to allow them and their visitors to park within the zone, where parking is permitted, on a stadium event day.

Parking restrictions in the event day zone

  • Event day restrictions operate¬† 8am to midnight on main roads to the stadium and generally 10am to midnight elsewhere in residential areas outside controlled parking zones. View our map to see if you are in the event day parking zone.
  • In controlled parking zones within the Wembley Stadium Event Day Protective Parking Scheme area the restrictions are 8am to midnight, with exceptions of zone 'SA' which is 10am to midnight and zone 'T' which operates 24/7. Some bus lanes and existing CPZs within Wembley will also have restrictions which start earlier.
  • The best way to visit Wembley Stadium is to plan your journey by public transport. Go to the Transport for London website for a journey planner.

Private and unadopted road parking.

We can only enforce these restrictions on the public highway. Residents of private or unadopted roads within the event day area do not benefit from our parking enforcement. If you live on a private or unadopted road you can still buy a permit so you can park in enforceable parts of the event day zone during an event.

Parking for motorcycles on event days

A motor cycle may be left in a parking space without charge or time limit, provided that the use of that part of the parking space in which the vehicle is left has not been suspended.

Wembley event day signs

During events at Wembley Stadium, all on-street parking in residential areas within the Event Day Zone will be controlled from 10am until midnight (unless otherwise stated) and this will be shown on the road signs in the zone.