What if your plan involves building demolition?

The demolition of buildings is considered to be development and planning permission is not required except the demolition of houses or flats, or buildings adjoining houses or flats.

Planning permission will not be needed:

  • to demolish a domestic building such as a garage or shed of less than 50 cubic metres
  • if the demolition is urgently necessary for health and safety reasons
  • if the demolition is required under other legislation
  • where the demolition is on land which has been given planning permission for redevelopment
  • to demolish a gate, fence, wall or other means of enclosure around a house or flat(s).

In all other cases we may wish to agree the details of how you intend to carry out the demolition and how you propose to restore the site afterwards.

You will need to apply for a formal decision on whether we wish to approve these details. This is called a prior approval application.

Need help with this process?

Get advice by contacting our planners.

If you are thinking of making an application and have checked the guidance on our website, you may wish to use our pre-application advice service.