When do you need planning permission?

You need to apply for planning permission if you carry out 'development' and the works or the change of use is not a permitted development.

The term 'development' is defined in law, but generally it means erecting, extending or altering buildings and other structures or changing the use of land or buildings.

You can get advice on whether a proposal is 'development' or not from us although sometimes this can be a complex area and a more formal route will be needed that involves getting a lawful development certificate.

Applications for planning permission are governed by a range of policies and guidance documents from national level (the National Planning Policy Framework ) to regional level (the London Plan and associated guidance documents ) to local level (the Unitary Development Plan, Local Development Framework and other guidance and policy documents).

Whilst planning is controlled by a complex array of policies and guidance documents, extending and altering your home may actually be just a permitted development, or where planning permission is required, guidance is provided within SPG5 - Altering and extending your home that covers most examples.

Need help with this process?

Get advice by contacting our planners.

If you are thinking of making an application and have checked the guidance on our website, you may wish to use our pre-application advice service.