Building control

Building control applications

Building regulations, application forms, how to get permission for works and our fees.

Choose Brent Building Control

Why we are the best choice to help with your building project.

Before you apply to building control

See if your plans require our services.

Extending your home guide

Read this helpful guide on extending your home.

Renovating your home guide

Read this helpful guide on how to renovate your home.

Search building control records

Use our public access database to search building control records.

The building control application process explained

Help with the building control application process.

Derelict properties

Our powers to deal with privately owned empty buildings that are a danger.

Demolition supervision

What you will need to do if you demolish a building or part of a building.

Naming and numbering

There are special procedures for naming and numbering new buildings and streets.

Dangerous structures

Report a dangerous structure and we'll investigate.

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