Naming and Numbering application

There are special procedures for naming and numbering new buildings and streets to make ensure there are no duplication's or similarities which could confuse emergency, postal or delivery services.

The owner or developer must apply for a name or number. You should provide an Ordnance Survey extract clearly showing the building(s) and area(s), together with two alternative names and numbers.

Where the development contains a number of residential / commercial units in a multi-storey building, please supply floor plans clearly indicating the units on each floor requiring an address.  

Where you wish to give a name to a building or new street, we will need to consult with Emergency services and Royal Mail.  The London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA) have produced guidance. 

You should also provide alternative name proposals as we may receive objections following consultation and this will speed up the process.

You will usually be advised of the decision within four weeks. The council's property database, and others, will then be updated.

It is important that application is made as soon as possible to avoid problems.

Fill in the application online

We are not responsible for issuing postcodes. This is dealt with by Royal Mail, who must be notified when a new premises is occupied for the first time.

If you require further information, contact us on 020 8937 5210 or use our building control enquiry form