Types of application decided by the planning committee

Most planning applications are determined by senior officers.  Larger or more contentious applications may be determined at a public meeting by councillors who are members of the Planning Committee.

The Planning Committee Terms of Reference sets the criteria for determination by the Planning Committee. 

  1. Applications that are non-householder, are recommended to be approved, but which have eight or more written objections* or a petition with more than 50 signatures*.
  2. Applications that the Strategic Director Regeneration or Head of Planning and Development consider should be determined by the Planning Committee.
  3. Applications that three or more councillors request be dealt with by the Planning Committee.
  4. Applications that have particular significance and which exceed specified criteria set out within the Terms of Reference*.
  5. Applications that represent a significant departure from the development plan which, in the opinion of the Strategic Director of Regeneration or Head of Planning and Development constituent a substantial conflict with the aims and objectives of the relevant planning policies.

The full criteria are set out in the Terms of Reference

For an objection to contribute towards this criteria, the following must be met:

  • it is submitted on-line via the Council’s Planning Public Access System or it
  • is received by letter or an email*;
  • it is in response to a current application that has been publicised by the Council;
  • it includes the person’s name and postal address;
  • it is from a person who lives or works or carries on a business:

o   in Brent; or

o in a ward which is actually and directly affected by the application and adjoins Brent but is in a neighbouring authority’s area;

  • it raises planning considerations that are material and related to the application;
  • it clearly states what is being objected to and gives reason(s) which are relevant planning considerations; and
  • any material planning objection raised cannot be overcome by imposing planning condition(s) or securing planning obligation(s).

If you have written to us about an application which is to be decided by the Planning Committee, we will inform you, either by email if provided or in writing, of:

  • the time and date of the Planning Committee meeting
  • your ability to address the Planning Committee meeting and how to arrange to speak at that meeting.

If you wish to know the outcome of the application, please check the website for a decision or search for the application and select “track”. Please see the decision notice for details of either its refusal or if granted, any conditions attached to that permission.